Abraham's preservation gives me more hope for recovery after evangelical fundamentalism and religious trauma than anything else. I almost lost my life and my children due to John Piper's toxic teachings on domestic violence, and my heart struggles with the darkness a son of his must've lived through. The photos you included are haunting. But Abraham's videos are a vine, a ray of sun into that darkness, demonstrating the human spirit, that love wins, that humility and "nothing really matters" ultimately offers more grace than any other view of divinity. And in this way, I *almost* want to thank John Piper. Because the projection and self-hatred is so evident in his messaging, and he obviously pushed that out into his relationships. In so doing, all that John could've been manifested in someone else. What a legacy for the rest of us to learn from. Love, eccentric joy, art, life, mystery...they drive me to desire God.

My superpower is finding the right words to say. TiaLindstrom.com

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